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Guided Tours Cuenca

Guided Tours in Cuenca

Our company Cuenca Guiada is specialized in Private Guided Tours in Cuenca in Spanish, English, German and Dutch. With more than 20 years of experience in tourism, we focuse on small groups (up to 6 people) and people travelling on their own. 

Discover with our Official Tour Guide Jurgen the Medieval Town of Cuenca, a unique Unesco Site since 1996, its natural landscape and the Mountain Region, like the Spring of the Cuervo River, the Devils Window, the Enchanted City,etc.

We offer tailor-made Tours: Because everyone is different, we always try to adapt our Private Guided Tours as much as possible to each customer. 

Visit us and let our guide Jurgen surprises you with the Private Guided Tours of Cuenca Guiada!

Choose your Private Guided Tour, clicking here or on any of the images below.

Why choose a private guide?

These are some advantages of hiring a local guide:

With a local guide you can discover the hidden corners and amazing anecdotes of the city you are visiting. He can also help you make his city and its history come alive.

On the other hand, a tour guide can answer all your questions about customs, life and history of his city and country.

At the same time, he can also help you to translate if you want to speak with local people or simply if you want to understand the menu in a restaurant. So, a good professional guide will be your personal translator.

And besides, you can discover the local food culture with him. Do you want to know how they cook the famous “Morteruelo de Cuenca” or what is “Resoli“? Then our guide Jurgen will help you to reveal the cooking secrets of Cuenca.

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